CEDPO Live Webinar “The DPO in times of Covid-19”

Jun 5, 2020

More and more countries are loosening Covid-19 related restrictions, but this does not necessarily
mean that the pandemic is over. Changes in way businesses operate continue, which creates data
protection challenges that need to be tackled.

The Confederation of European Data Protection Organisation invites to take part in the Live Webinar. Our diverse panel of outstanding speakers will provide their views on how to deal with challenges resulting from data protection law emphasising the pivotal role of the DPO.

Join us to look for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions of this uncertain time, including:

  • Challenges the DPO has to tackle regarding Covid-19 management and de-escalation
    – Temperature screening and use of thermal cameras
    – Employee/site visitors health checks
    – Use of contact tracing applications by employers


  • Ongoing data processing activities at Member State Level to contain the pandemic
    – Contact tracing obligations
    – Covid-19 Apps


Date of the Live Webinar:
June 16th, 4 PM – 5.30 PM CET

Moderator: Pascale Gelly (Vice President – International Affairs – AFCDP, France)
Cristiana Deca, Founding Partner of Decalex Legal Solutions – Vice President of ASCPD, Romania
Michał Kaczorowski, Head of International Affairs at SABI, Poland
Pedro Machado, Data Protection Officer Grupo Ageas – President of the Board of the General
Assembly of AEPD, Portugal
Jacques Perret, Group Data Privacy Manager and DPO at ENGIE – AFCDP member, France
Fintan Swanton, Data Protection Officer at Cygnus Consulting – Member of the Executive Committee of ADPO, Ireland
Wojciech Wiewiórowski, European Data Protection Supervisor- EDPS, Belgium

What to expect?
The Live Webinar seeks to present a lively discussion between data protection experts – including
DPOs of various sectors – on how to manage and de-escalate data challenges. All speakers present
live via video and audio. Participants can ask questions and actively engage in discussions at any time
using the Q&A chat function. The discussion will be held in English, no translation will be provided.

How to join?
The Live Webinar will be hosted by the new CEDPO member organisation AEPD from Portugal using
Microsoft Teams as webinar service provider. Privacy information regarding Microsoft Teams can be
found here.

A prior registration to the event is not required. Anyone interested in the Live Webinar can join using the following link:

A subscription to Microsoft Teams is furthermore not required.