Working Groups


Working Groups


The requirements of EU data protection related regulations are increasingly complex placing additional demands and challenges on DPOs and Data Protection Professionals (DPPs). The CEDPO Working Groups (WG) will work towards providing guidance on the interpretation and  implementation of GDPR provisions as well as their interoperability and overlap with other data protection related regulations such as the A.I. Act for enhanced data protection policies and practical guidance.

The Working Groups consist of volunteers from the CEDPO member organisations and will be guided by an elected Chair and a Vice-Chair from within the group. Interested parties can apply at their CEDPO member association in order to participate in WG activities at European Level. Please note that WG membership requirements might differ between CEDPO member associations.

If you want to provide feedback to WG publications or if you have general questions on group activities please refer to the respective Chair or Vice-Chair of the WG.


    Working Groups:

      Artificial Intelligence 

      Status: Active

      The forthcoming EU Artificial Intelligence Act (the ‘A.I. Act’) seeks to address risks to (personal) data created by A.I. applications, particularly in what concerns high-risk applications, setting clear requirements for A.I. systems for high risk applications and defining specific obligations for A.I. users and providers of high risk applications.

      The CEDPO A.I. working group (A.I. WG) will look to address the impact of the eventual A.I. Act, and any related A.I. regulation, on the DPO function, as well as on personal data within the context of existing GDPR obligations.


      Current members




      IE Jared Browne (Chair) Fexco
      IE Maria Moloney (Vice-Chair) University College Dublin
      IE Colm Smyth Bearingpoint
      IE Deirdre Miller
      IE Daragh O’ Brien Castlebridge
      IE Declan Brady
      IE Venkatesh Kannan Ichec
      IE Rory O’Sullivan-Hennessy Tcd
      DE Ernst-Oliver Wilhelm GFT Technologies
      FR Adrien Callier Biomerieux
      FR Amina KHAOUA Sopej Law
      FR Nicolas Bourgeois
      FR Pascale Gelly Schneider Electric
      FR Marc Bellon Schneider Electric
      ES Cecilia Alvarez Facebook
      BE Paul Jordan CEDPO
      IT Alessandro Vasta Tonucci & Partners
      FR Eloise Ryon Schneider Electric

      A.I. WG publications:

      • CEDPO Opinion on the potential impact of the EU’s proposed Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) on the role of the data protection officer | Download (EN)