CEDPO welcomes AEPD and ASCDP as new members

Apr 24, 2020

CEDPO is pleased to announce its newest additions to the family of data protection associations seeking to provide advice on balanced practicable, and effective data protection and to promote the role of the Data Protection Officer.


AEPD (Portugal)

AEPD (Associação de Encarregados de Proteção de Dados) is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 which aims to bring together the Data Protection Officers in a platform contributing to education, awareness and clarification of data protection and privacy policies in the national context by offering events, training, studies and publications.

With an interdisciplinary and multisectoral vision, AEPD aims to be an integral part in the different technological challenges, regulatory and legal debates, with the mission of contributing to the performance of the role of Data Protection Officer, eliminating asymmetries and promoting the effective development of data protection and privacy policies in a national and international context.

More information: https://aepd.pt


ASCPD (Romania)

ASCPD (“Asociația Specialiștilor în Confidențialitate și Protecția Datelor”) is a Romanian non-governmental, autonomous and non-profit association that helps to define, support and improve the profession of Data Protection Officer and other specialists in the field.

ASCPD has been created to support and bring together privacy professionals wishing to successfully manage the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and related legislation, acting as an advisory body for individuals and organizations.

ASCPD guides Data Protection Officers and other data privacy specialists in resolving different legal, technical and organizational issues in order to strike an appropriate balance between the interests of data subjects and those of controllers.

ASCPD is developing awareness of existing privacy legislation in order to provide its members with a forum in which these topics can be debated and improved, as well as offering a place for continuous professional training.

ASCPD advocates for raising awareness on privacy value and privacy-threatening technologies and laws to ensure that the public is informed and involved.

More information: https://www.ascpd.ro/