Data Protection Weekly 22/2022

Jun 3, 2022

National Authorities

Austria:  DSB publishes cookie FAQ

The Austrian Data Protection Authority  published on 25 May 2022 an FAQ on the use of third-party cookies under the EU GDPR and applicable Austrian law.

The FAQ details various concepts around cookie compliance, such as characterization of necessary cookies, cookie walls, user payment as an alternative to consent and more.

You can access the FAQs, only available in German, here.



Ireland: Meta faces large fine from DPC over children’s privacy violations on Instagram

According to the Irish Times, Meta is facing a « potentially large fine » from the DPC over data processing violations on its Instagram platform.

You can read the press article, here.


France: CNIL gives formal notice to 22 municipalities to appoint a data protection officer

In June 2021, the CNIL, during an inspection of municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants, alerted some of them to the fact that they had not designated a DPO. Nearly a year after this warning, she noted that some of these municipalities had not yet taken this step.

Consequently, the President of the CNIL decided to give formal notice to the 22 municipalities concerned to appoint a data protection officer.  They have 4 months to comply by appointing a data protection officer in accordance with the GDPR (independence, sufficient means, etc.).

With these formal notices, the CNIL intends to underline the essential role that the DPO plays in the compliance of data processing implemented by public authorities.

Given the sensitivity of the missions of the communes and the associated files, the importance of the DPO’s functions in the implementation of processing by public actors and the need to inform the public, the CNIL has decided to make these formal notices public.

If the municipalities do not comply with the formal notice, the President may refer the matter to the restricted formation – the CNIL body responsible for imposing sanctions – which may decide to impose a fine and also make it public.

You can read the press release, only available in French, here.