“What’s a FLOP?” – How General-Purpose AI Models are Regulated under the AI Act

Apr 18, 2024

Background Micro-Insight Paper:

The ‘Micro-Insights’ Series is a publishing initiative by the CEDPO AI and Data Working Group. It will provide digestible, definitive, short-form papers on key areas of interest at the intersection between data and artificial intelligence. With a practical focus, keeping one eye on explaining complex topics and the other on implementation, it will outline the significance of key areas and advise practitioners on impact, and next steps. With the EU Artificial Intelligence Act (the ’AI Act’) coming into law in 2024, the scene is now set for all practitioners, and it is possible to discuss the regulation of data and AI with much greater clarity.

The Micro-Insights Series will follow the evolution of AI and data over the coming years, and as the clock winds down on the crucial implementation period for the AI Act, and as AI technologies evolve in ever-more novel and unexpected ways, the Series will respond with up-to-date, authoritative guidance on the core areas of concern.

You can download the paper here:

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