Interview with Florence Gaullier (AFCDP) on recent EU legislative activities to create a digital market

Jan 26, 2022

On Tuesday, January 11th, 2022, SMART TECH (BSMART TV) received Florence Gaullier (lawyer at Vercken & Gaullier and Board Member of  AFCDP). The interview was dedicated to the European digital regulation projects (DGA, DSA, DMA, IA act, Data Act, EIDAS) and their interaction with the GDPR.

While these projects aim to facilitate the use and sharing of data by private and public sectors, including by supporting the use of artificial intelligence and by regulating online platforms, they will also have a clear impact on the protection of personal data and the protection of fundamental rights.

According to Florence Gaullier, the regulatory approach raises questions, doubts and reservations on the side of privacy professionals including the DPO since the legislative process was too quick and incoherent. Besides, the interplay between the legislative texts remained unclear. This could create legal uncertainty in an already complex regulatory framework.

You can access the interview here.