Live Webinar: Data Act and Data Governance Act – implications on personal data and for the DPO

Sep 27, 2022

The Data Governance Act (DGA) and the Data Act are part of the Commission’s European strategy for data aimed at creating a single market for data that ensures Europe’s global competitiveness and data sovereignty.

The draft Data Act is a fundamental proposal of this strategy. It is designed to stimulate a competitive data market, present opportunities for data-driven innovations and make data more accessible for all while at the same time ensuring fairness in the digital environment:

  • The Data Act expands on the GDPR’s right to portability to non-personal data generated by connected products and related services;
  • It facilitates the data sharing and use/reuse of generated data by users and selected third parties, setting standards at an EU-wide level;
  • It provides for use by public sector bodies of data held by the private sector in cases of exceptional need.

The adopted DGA is another important legislative proposal of the European strategy for data and focuses on providing a legal framework, processes and structures to promote data sharing:

  • It encourages wider re-use of data held by public sector bodies and provides for a legal framework when public sector bodies decide to make data (including personal data) available for re-use to third parties;
  • It sets up a regime for data intermediation services;
  • It provides for a legal framework for “data altruism”.

Although the intentions of the Data Act and Data Governance Act are to preserve the GDPR “acquis”, the implications when personal data is involved and for the function of DPO need to be further examined. CEDPO is pleased to host a Live Webinar on the intersections between DGA, DA and GDPR:


October 18, 4pm – 6pm (CET)


Online / via Zoom




Anna Buchta (Head of Unit Policy & Consultation, European Data Protection Supervisor)

Karolina Mojzesowicz (Deputy Head of Unit Data Protection, European Commission)

Florence Gaullier (Partner, Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm – Member of the Board, AFCDP)

Pascale Gelly (Vice-President International Affairs, AFCDP)


Paul Jordan (Senior Policy Advisor, CEDPO)



  • Introduction on CEDPO and European data strategy
  • Presentation on Data Act: Pascale Gelly
  • Q&A discussion with Commission and EDPS
  • Presentation on DGA: Florence Gaullier
  • Q&A with Commission and EDPS
  • Final questions from the audience


Registration is open and accessible here.