Where the Machines Meet the Data: The AI Act and its Implications for the GDPR

Mar 8, 2023

The interplay between the AI Act and the GDPR and its likely impact on data protection regulation, and, in particular, how it will affect the role of the data protection officer.

In general terms, CEDPO has some concerns about the numerous legislative initiatives that the EU is enacting under the umbrella of its Data Strategy, and, specifically, how these new laws will interface with the role and responsibilities of the data protection officer.

CEDPO is of the view that, where personal data and AI overlap, important clarifications remain to be made on the practical manner in which both Acts will work together. With these reservations in mind our distinguished panelists will discuss and debate the significance of the AI Act for the DPO.

We will hear from the European Parliament on the status of the AI regulation and its position on its interplay with data protection provisions. We will also hear the regulatory perspective through the intervention of the Spanish regulator. And we will also gain some industry views from a leading consultant on the legal and technological implications of the AI Act in practice.


online Webinar/ via Zoom (will be recorded)


21 March, from 4:00-5:30PM CET.


  • Kai Zenner, Head of Office & Digital Policy Adviser, Axel Voss MEP/ European Parliament
  • Luis de Salvador Carrasco, Director of the Technological Innovation Division/ AEPD Spain.
  • Barry Scannell, AI Consultant and Technology Lawyer, William Fry Solicitors.


  • Jared Browne, Chair of the Irish Association of Data Protection Officers and Head of Data Privacy for the Fexco Group
  • Paul Jordan, Senior Policy Advisor for CEDPO


  • Introduction presentation: ‘The Spanish Supervisory Authority position on AI and Data Protection Implications” presented by Luis de Salvador Carrasco.
  • Panel discussion.
  • Final questions from the audience.


Registration is open and accessible here.